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While we stick behind Sines ability to adhere, there are a few products that seems to be real anti stick.  For these we have found success by cleaning the surface, then applying a little piece of scotch tape and then applying the chip over top.

Does Sine affect the signal of my cell phone?

No.  It won´t impact the signal strength in any way.

How long does it last?

Adhere it to your phone and it will last the lifetime of it.

Can I put it on my case and still have the benefits.


I feel fine and I use my cell phone all the time.

EMFs can’t be detected by our senses so you may feel like they have no affect when in actuality many experts have shown the impact they have on the body to be highly damaging.  

Why should I use this product?

We recommend you take a moment to look at the videos about EMFs in the Blog section.  There are many examples of doctors and experts in the profession reporting them to cause cancer and other serious ailments to the body.

So maybe EMFs are bad for you.  What do I need a Sine for?

As the study shows in our Chip Test section each Sine has significant benefits. Your cell phone usually works at 1800 to 2100 GHZ, Bluetooth at 2.4 GHZ and WiFi up to 5 GHZ, Sine is tested at 9.375 GHZ and it shields over 90% of the radiation.  The harmonization of the electro-magnetic radiation make it a necessity in today’s modern age.

How is Sine different from other products?

SINE is the only product of its kind in the world.   The issue of EMF is addressed through the adoption of a unique and proven Mineral Technology and Scalar Technology.  SINE does not affect your cell phones reception quality in any way. 

Can I get my Sine wet?

Yes, while it’s not recommended to use water with electronics, your Sine is both water and heat resistant.

Can I use my SINE on other electronics?

Absolutely you can.  We recommend every baby monitor to have this chip and any other electronic equipment that you spend time around.  Laptops, desktop computers, portable house phones, wifi routers etc.

I don’t believe that EMFs are bad for me and that my cell phone has an affect on me.

Take the time to do your research on EMFs.  It is a major issue that deserves your attention for your sake and for your family’s.  


Posted on March 23, 2015 in Tips

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